Central City Integrated Health recognizes the importance of an individual having safe housing to overall health and well-being. There is no health without housing.

"When I got back to Detroit (after serving in the military), I instantly thought that I'd rather stay overseas in Beirut because it looked like Beirut," a veteran resident said motioning outside his window. "It was torn down, drug infested, and nothing but burned-out buildings. It was never like that when I lived here, and to tell you the truth, I cried. I cried because it looked like a battle zone."

"They did a beautiful job," the veteran resident said of the restored building and his new home. "It was real joyful. With my income, getting a place from $300 to $500, those places usually have rats, roaches, mice, and a lot of drugs. For them to do something like this in an area where rent is almost a thousand dollars or more, it was just a gift from God, and then to take us and put us in here, that was another gift, because a lot of people, when they find out you have a mental problem, they kind of shy away from you."

Due to the ongoing success of our housing programs, we were awarded an additional U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grant to expand our supported housing services to the homeless by another 50 units. The total funding received from HUD for our housing developments is $3.5 million and provides the community with 279 affordable housing units to homeless individuals with advanced needs. CCIH provides assistance with housing applications, move-­in support, and eviction prevention educational programs.

In March, the Charlotte Apartments renovation located in the heart of the Cass Corridor was completed. This $6.1M project created housing for veterans in Detroit and was led by Central City Integrated Health and local developer Joseph Early. The unprecedented affordable housing development transformed a building built in the early 1920’s that was known to be a drug haven and hotbed for crime into twenty-seven stunning, state-of-the-art 750 sq. ft. one-bedroom units.

CCIH is active in the lives of residents by providing tenant-­based activities. Family housing developments have been provided with adult literacy training and tools to assist their children with studying for school. Summer activities have been organized to keep children engaged and to prevent summer learning loss. CCIH is also engaged as the lead service agency with 7 housing developments that have over 350 designated advanced need units.