Central City Integrated Health is committed to providing consumers with the opportunity to obtain meaningful employment in the community. Employment is an essential element in the recovery model. CCIH provides assistance in finding and engaging in employment, educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Each consumer’s current employment condition and vocational needs are assessed as a part of the Comprehensive Assessment process. The agency has relationships with Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Michigan Works!, Jewish Vocational Services, and other organizations to assist a consumer in obtaining employment.


Our psychosocial rehabilitation program, the Inner City Clubhouse, moved to its new site this summer. The socialization and pre-employment services are now located in a two-story building that gives consumers access to wellness activities, literacy classes, learning culinary skills in a professional kitchen, and the ability to develop computer skills. The clubhouse also encourages the consumers in advocacy which resulted in the Lieutenant Governor coming to the clubhouse to exchange ideas about the values of this consumer-focused program.

Cozy Corners is a sundry store located at 640 Temple in Detroit and is a temporary employment program that is provided to the Inner City Clubhouse Members. The store sells beverages and snacks to the tenants and visitors in the building. The store requires a wide range of retail skills that include selling, stocking shelves, maintaining inventory, ordering, and price-setting. In addition, the consumers assume the responsibility of running the store with the assistance of a job coach. This is a transitional employment opportunity and individuals are provided with vocational skill building on a temporary, part-time basis.


The Supportive Employment Initiative is a program that is laying the foundation for CCIH to build evidenced-based supportive employment interventions. The program is responsible for identifying and developing job opportunities in the community as well as for providing supportive services to individuals to obtain and maintain employment. A core belief at CCIH is that meaningful employment provides consumers with the skills to manage their own recovery.

The outcomes for the program include:

  • Increase by 50% the number consumers enrolled with employment services.
  • Develop job relations with community employers.
  • Integrate employment into the consumer’s person-centered plan.


  • Eligibility is based on consumer choice. No CCIH consumer is excluded who wants to participate.
  • Competitive employment is the goal. The focus is community jobs that anyone can apply for that pay at least minimum wage, including part-time and full-time jobs.
  • Follow-along supports are continuous. Individualized supports to maintain employment continue as long as the consumer wants the assistance.
  • Consumer preferences are important. Choices and decisions about work and support are based on the person’s preferences, strengths, and experiences. Job search starts soon after a consumer expresses interest in working.

The supportive employment staff assists in developing possible job sites. The employment specialists contact prospective employers in the community. Every attempt is made to identify a wide range of opportunities that can meet the need of the diverse interests, strengths, and capabilities of the individuals served. Any consumer receiving services at CCIH can be referred to the employment program.