Community Re-Entry Services

Central City Integrated Health has a continued commitment to provide jail and prison diversion services. Our ongoing participation in the Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Mental Health Program, the State of Michigan pilot diversion program, has effectively provided resources for individuals to remain in the community. The recidivism rate of those who participate in our programs is below 10% compared to 30% in Detroit.

CCIH is committed to assisting returning citizens in successfully transitioning back into their communities. CCIH provides an array of services, including mental health care, substance disorder treatment, employment, housing services, and social services. Our programs not only significantly decrease the recidivism rates of the people we serve, but also assure that they are able to participate fully in the community. Referrals to our programs are frequently provided in collaboration with the criminal justice system and other community organizations. These partnerships increase the effectiveness of our services.

Mental Health Court—is a collaboration with Wayne County’s Third Circuit Court, the Detroit Wayne Community Mental Health Authority, and the Wayne County Department Health. The consumers who chose to participate in the Mental Health Court are diverted from lengthy jail sentences. The services include intensive case management, psychiatric services, peer supports, health care coordination, and employment. CCIH works closely with court personnel to assure that individuals are provided with the assistance to become active participants in the community.

Criminal Justice Liaison Services—CCIH provides the linkage between Wayne County courts and jails for an individual to return to the community. The liaison works with the criminal justice system and community based programs to develop post-release services. Our work is supported by the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority. Our team is trained to work with individuals diagnosed with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.

Jail Diversion Services—CCIH is participating in a State of Michigan funded pilot to help develop successful diversion services. Often meeting candidates in the Wayne County jail system prior to release, the CCIH staff provides an intensive treatment program based on an Assertive Community Treatment model. We collaborate with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department to impact residents county-wide.

Diversion, Reentry, Recovery: The staff is comprised of case managers, Master’s level clinicians, psychiatrists, nurses, peer support specialists and, employment specialists. They are experienced mental health professionals with specialized forensic training. Participants are provided with an integrated treatment approach that address the mental health, substance abuse, trauma, employment, and social resource needs of the returning citizen. Specialized, intensive programming is provided for those most at risk in a team-based approach. CCIH works in tandem with the Department of Corrections to allow for the early release of individuals whose successful transition into the community is dependent on community-based mental health services.