Team Leader/Therapist

On-Site Service:

Criminal Justice Boundary Spanner - Systems Coordinator

Reports To:

Division Manager

The Therapist/Team Leader implements the policies and procedures of the Agency under the supervision of the Division Manager and assumes the day-to-day clinical leadership of the respective program staff and/or other programs as assigned. He/She also assumes primary responsibility for the initial assessment, treatment planning and implementation per UNIT guidelines.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

A. Conduct initial screenings in conjunction with jail/court staff.
B. Provide initial (intake) assessment on individuals screened as appropriate for UNIT services.
C. Provide jail/court with discharge recommendations based on the consumers assessed needs and risk factors
D. Provides direct services to consumers, which may include individual, group and family therapy, collaborates with other treatment staff in diagnosing problems, developing treatment plans and evaluating client’s progress in clinical conferences, participates in reviews as needed vs. quarterly reviews and maintains up-to-date records.
E. Coordinates with community service providers to schedule services for consumers being released from the jail/courts
F. Assumes primary responsibility for making psychodynamic formulations, developing and carrying out discharge plans for adult individuals, families and groups.
G. Provides information and support as needed to the families of consumers.
H. Provides assistance to consumers in making optimum use of available community resources.
I. Coordinates and or participates in the provision of assistance in locating housing, job development/job coaching and health education for the participant.
J. Participate in and lead the team, with a suggestive approach, in diagnosing problems, formulating discharge plans and monitoring consumers.
K. Provide skills training and enhancement and support in daily living skills, money management, shopping, cooking, laundry and other areas of daily living.
L. May perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.
M. Provide direct coordination to 160 consumer contacts per year.
N. Participate in stage two of development cycle representing peer review.

Qualifications and Skills

• Ability to communicate with others, both verbally and in writing, and to consult effectively with relevant human service agency staff.
• Ability to be innovative and willingness to be flexible in carrying out duties.
• Ability to pass a police clearance and gain jail access permission.
• Knowledge to teach, coach and model with both staff and consumers.
• Flexibility to respond to emergency situations, provision of services in the field on an on-call basis after hours, weekends and holidays.
• Knowledge of the treatment facilities, principles, treatment techniques and medications used in the provision of services to emotionally, physically and mentally disabled adults who may have a concomitant problem with drugs and/or alcohol.
• Ability to gather data for clinical outcomes, program outcomes and reporting staff decisions; observe and evaluate conditions, reactions and changes in the physical and mental conditions of consumers. Evaluate and report the effects of program processes on rate of recidivism
• Ability to prepare required verbal and written reports, appropriate clinical documentation (i.e. Discharge plans, social histories, quarterly reviews, progress notes) and to do so in a timely manner

Education / Experience

• At a minimum, the completion of a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Rehabilitative Counseling, Nursing (MSN), etc.

Credentialing / licensure

• Licensing or certification as a MSW, or fully licensed Psychologist.
• Possession of a current valid Michigan Chauffeur’s Driver’s License.
• Demonstrated ability to follow State of Michigan driving laws, evidenced by an insurable driving record.