Psychiatrist (F/T and P/T)

On-Site Service:

Health Center

Reports To:

Chief Psychiatrist

Responsible to the Chief Psychiatrist for the provision of specialized psychiatric services which include, but are not limited to: psychiatric evaluations, medication reviews, and consultation on an on-going basis to the Treatment Team in the development and implementation of direct services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Conducts comprehensive evaluations
Concludes the psychiatric evaluation with a summary of positive findings, a bio-psychosocial formulation and diagnostic statement.
Estimates risk factors
Makes initial treatment recommendations
Estimates length of stay when indicated


Systematically reviews and authorizes, by written signature, the client’s individual plan of service
Reviews and authorizes, by written signature, need for continuing treatment at quarterly intervals or more frequently if needed
Makes a determination as to whether the client requires a physical examination and makes recommendations for the appropriate referral
Collaborates with treatment staff in the treatment planning process, progress reviews, transfers and terminations


Prescribes medications on basis of individual’s needs and safety
Gives special attention to side effects due to dosage levels
Gives special attention to responses to medications that interfere with the individual’s ability to engage in psychosocial programming
Documents medication orders and responses to medications
Conducts AIMS test at least quarterly


Effectively communicates important medication and treatment information to clients and staff information
Provides verbal and written information to client on medication side effects
Provides case consultation to staff as requested and/or needed
Provides health services to clients as needed


Proactively participates in performance improvement activities especially as these pertain to medications, treatment planning and progress analysis.
Takes appropriate actions when there is an adverse reaction to medication.

Qualifications and Skills

Licensure is current and meets regulatory bodies requirements
There is evidence in the personnel file of continuing education and/or participation in professional growth activities
Demonstrated ability to work with a wide range of mentally ill clients from varied socioeconomic backgrounds
Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and effectively as a team player with a wide range of professional disciplines
Willingness to be accessible to staff at all times and on-call, to provide consultation as need arises
Knowledge of principles and techniques used in working with HIV/AIDS affected individuals and with the long-term mentally disabled adults

Education / Experience

M.D. with a license to practice in Michigan
Certified or eligible for Board Certification

Credentialing / licensure