Peer Specialist/Consumer Mentor

A primary consumer or past consumer who is able to provide the supports and information that would benefit a consumer’s ability to reside in the community. The Peer Specialist is someone who has received mental health services and at the time of employment demonstrates a willingness to share his or her knowledge and skills in obtaining recovery with other consumers. Through skill building interventions and other supportive interventions, the Peer Specialist is able to assist fellow consumers in effectively utilizing the resources, managing symptoms of their illness, and developing daily living skills to gain greater independence, employment, and other meaningful activities. This position is responsible to the Division Manager and/or Coordinator of the assigned program. The Peer Specialist reports to the Team Leader of the assigned program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

•Assures agency compliance with any specialized grant based requirements and/or provides 1200 hours of direct service or part time equivalent
•Assists the primary clinician and the consumer in identifying community-based resources such as FIA, Social Security, support groups and MRS.
•Provide outreach to target population.
•Under the direction of the primary clinician the Peer Specialist assists the consumers in linking with these community-based referrals.
•Assists the consumer in identifying activities in the community and the means to access community based transportation, retail businesses, recreation.
•Develop linkages with community organizations.
•Assists the consumer in identifying problems in daily living skills and develops strategies with the consumer in overcoming these problems. This may include budgeting, shopping, cooking, paying bills, time management, and other daily activities.
•Provides feedback to the primary clinician on the consumer’s ability to cope with daily living skills.
•Meets with the Team on a regular basis to review the status of each consumer.
•Develops referral sources and the process to access these resources for each team.
•Assists in the development of Individual Plans of Service
•Meets the requirements of1200 hours of direct service and/or grant requirements that funds the position
•Provide statistical and written information about interventions
•Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills

•Eligibility for a Michigan Chauffeur’s Driver’s License and access to transportation is preferred.
•Possess the ability to communicate with others clearly in writing and verbally.
•Demonstrate an understanding of the application procedures for the entitlements that are needed to be able to reside in the community.
•Be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of budgeting, household management, nutrition, and be able to teach these skills to others.
•Demonstrate an awareness of basic community resources.
•Be able to work in a team setting and take directions and suggestions from staff.
•Be able to understand and communicate key elements of recovery.
•Awareness of demographics and/or special needs of the target population

Education / Experience

Minimum of a High School Diploma.

Credentialing / licensure

Completion of peer specialist training within one year of hire when indicated for the position.


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Detroit, Michigan 48203