Housing Supportive Services Facilitator (PBV)

On-Site Service:

Project Based Voucher Housing

Reports To:

Housing Director or Housing Coordinator

The PBV Housing Supportive Services Facilitator reports to the Housing Director or the Housing Coordinator. The goal is to carry out supportive services for project based housing, as identified in project specific Memorandums of Agreement, by assisting families in maintaining housing that is consistent with their goals. Through assessments and appropriate support services, families are assisted and motivated towards maintaining housing, improving quality of life and increasing family income.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

A. Engages families and establish trusting, collaborative relationships with residents, property management and property owner directed toward the goal of keeping families housed.
B. Interacts with property management to collaborate on the development of on-sight programs and activities.
C. Assist families understanding Project Based Voucher program application requirements and on-going certifications.
D. Engages external resources and agencies to provide services off-site and on-site for families.
E. Assesses families’ independent living skills on an ongoing basis.
F. Develop a curriculum to assist families with independent living skills and housekeeping skills.
G. Assists in family activities directed toward maintaining housing that is consistent with the needs and interests of residents on his/her caseload, following the principles and procedures of supported housing.
H. Provides individualized time to assist families in sustaining housing.
I. Develops effective interventions, educational activities, and other programmatic activities that will promote quality living and maintain housing.
J. Provides educational resources and support to families.
K. Helps prevent evictions and provides referral services as necessary to families to avoid evictions.
L. Draws up the individual independent housing objectives in the service plan with the families.
M. Carries out other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Skills

• Experience in independent living skills instruction, housing placement, and development in supportive and non-supportive housing settings.
• Experience working with individuals with special needs or multiple barriers such as history of homelessness, mental illness and/or physical disabilities.
• Possession of a Michigan Chauffeur’s Driver’s License and own vehicle with an insurable driving record.
• Computer literacy to the extent of entering, assessing, and retrieving all supportive housing program and services data.
• Ability to work cooperatively with team members, property managers, outside agency staff and residents as well as community organizations and institutions.

Education / Experience

• Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree or equivalent in Social Work, or related human service field, or
• Other combinations of education and experience, which could provide the necessary abilities, qualities, and skills listed, will be evaluated on an individual basis.
• At least 2 years experience with people with severe mental illness, special needs, domestic violence, homelessness, experience with supportive services, and knowledge of community resources are preferred. Ability to work as an effective team player is essential.

Credentialing / licensure

SUBMIT RESUMES TO: T. Conte Human Resources
Central City Integrated Health
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Detroit, MI 48203
FAX NUMBER: (313) 733-1300