Outreach Worker

On-Site Service:

Health Center

Reports To:

Division Manager

The Outreach Worker reports to Division Manager, and works collaboratively with the Health Educator to connect persons in the underserved community with services provided by the Health Center, provide health education in the community, assist individuals to enroll and maintain participation in health and social services programs both with CCIH and the community. Work is primarily conducted in the community.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Provide community-based outreach, maintaining a visible presence in the community where members of underserved populations live, and work to increase enrollment in the health center.
Facilitate enrollment of a minimum of 300 patients/year in health center services.
Promote healthy living through teaching disease prevention, self care, and management of acute and chronic health conditions.
Provide 200 hours of health education to individuals and community groups.
Interview and orient patients and potential patients of the health center to available services and supports.
Document the provision of services to patients in the EHR.
Maintains records and logs of outreach activities, including events, number of persons contacted, and outcomes of referrals to health center.
Assist patients to enroll in insurance and social service programs.
Provide basic case management services including but not limited to appointment scheduling, attendance at patient appointments, transportation arrangements, and follow up visits and telephone calls.
Advocate on behalf of persons in underserved communities in order to obtain culturally competent quality health care.

Qualifications and Skills

Knowledge of benefit enrollment processes
Knowledge and skills in working with acute and chronically ill patients
Skills in variety of educational techniques for working with adult learners
Ability to relate well with clients in target population
Ability to make use of community resources and build partnerships with other health care organization that underserved populations frequently use.
Possess tact, integrity, and common sense
Knowledge of substance abuse and drugs commonly used by patients
Experience with EHRs and basic knowledge of Windows Office
Ability to work as a member of a interdisciplinary treatment team
Ability to prepare and present presentations to community organizations
Ability to work independently in the community
Exceptional customer service skills
Ability to manage a case load, both of current and potential patients
Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Education / Experience

A minimum of Associate’s degree in a Human Services program or a high school diploma or G.E.D. and three years of community service outreach activities.
A minimum of one (1) year experience in counseling on health topics such as nutrition, exercise, cholesterol, hypertension, stress, alcohol, and smoking, or demonstrated experience in community health outreach activities.

Credentialing / licensure

Possession of own vehicle with current valid Michigan Chauffeur’s License.
Demonstrated ability to follow State of Michigan driving laws, as evidence by an insurable driving record.

SUBMIT RESUMES TO: tconte@centralcityhealth.com