Family Nurse Practitioner

On-Site Service:

Primary Care Health Center

Reports To:

Medical Doctor

Provide primary care services to patients at DCC Health Center. Within this role the Family Nurse Practitioner is responsible for daily patient office visits, medication prescriptions and prescription refills, appropriate and complete clinical documentation, patient paperwork, clinical record reviews for quality improvement and evaluation of clinical quality activities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

A. Assessment of Health Status
1. Obtains and accurately documents relevant health history.
2. Performa and accurately documents complete system or symptom-specific physical examinations.
3. Performs screening evaluations for mental health, substance abuse and violence.
4. Assesses patients throughout stages of chronic illness.
5. Analyzes the multiple effects of pharmacologic agents, including over- the- counter medications.
6. Assesses for psychological manifestations of health problems

B. Diagnosis of Health Status
1. Diagnoses commonly occurring acute and chronic health problems with an emphasis on multi-system health problems.
2. Diagnoses commonly occurring complications of chronic health problems including behavioral health problems.
3. Diagnoses common mental health and substance abuse problems such as anxiety, depression, alcohol and substance use,
4. Constructs appropriate differential diagnoses for further investigation or referral.

C. Plan of Care and Implementation of Treatment
1. Manages commonly-occurring acute and chronic physical and mental health problems to promote health, function and quality of life.
2. Plans for long-term management of common health problems.
3. Treats common complications of chronic or multi-system health problems.
4. Promotes self-care.
5. Performs common primary care procedures, including, but not limited to suturing, microscopy, and pap tests.
6. Facilitates the patient’s transition between health care settings to provide for continuity of care.
7. Participates in the development and implementation of health promotion programs.
8. Designs health maintenance and disease prevention interventions.
9. Works collaboratively with a variety of health professionals for the restoration of health and safe optimal functioning.

D. Clinic Operations
1. Assumes the day-to-day clinical leadership of the respective health center staff including Medical Assistants and Clerical Support.
2. Responsible for insuring that Medical Assistants demonstrate required competencies required to perform assigned duties.
3. Responsible for collecting, entering and verifying required data for Uniform Data System.
4. Responsible for the completion of disability and other insurance forms.

Education / Experience

• Master’s of Science in Nursing
• Minimum three (3) years experiences as a nurse practitioner. Preferably two (2) years experience in primary care.

Credentialing / licensure

• State of Michigan licenses as a registered nurse, certified nurse practitioner

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Detroit Central City is an approved National Health Service Corps Site