Coordinator of Data Analytics and Training

On-Site Service:

Federally Qualified Health Center

Reports To:

Quality Management Director

Provide oversight and management of data reports generated by CCIH departments/programs and the electronic medical record. Assist with the development, organization and execution of data reports and analyses to support organizational functions, including operational and strategic decision-making, contractual compliance, managed care initiatives, and grant funding analysis/reporting. Assist with the development and implementation of staff trainings on data gathering and analysis as well as trainings developed to improve performance and positive outcomes. Position relies upon extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

•Coordinate and execute the compilation of data for grant funded proposals and agency programs.

•Provide recommendations about methods used to collect, analyze, and manage data to improve data quality and efficiency of systems while offering potential solutions to issues such as new business process, training method or technology, or employee/ departmental changes.

•Assist with the development and oversight of employee training in basic office software (i.e., Excel), procedures, protocols related to quality indicators, outcomes.

•Assist with identifying, organizing and meeting employee training needs in order to build capacity to utilize data for program management, improvements, positive outcomes and employee development.

•Research and facilitate the implementation of staff trainings involving integrated care (SAMHSA, Relias).

•Ensure requests for data analyses are met in a timely, accurate and consistent manner.

•Promote consistency in use of data across the organization to ensure accurate management analyses and reports.

•Utilize a variety of analytic techniques ranging from simple data aggregation to bio-statistical analyses to complex data mining.

•Participate in the gathering, interpretation and summarization of data with the ultimate goal of improving the quality and performance of CCIH activities.

•Maintain a high level of strong customer relations through attention to the quality of activities and projects, timely completion of tasks and activities and continual efforts to collaborate.

•Determine changes in EMR by studying program, grant, FQHC requirements and act as liaison between agency staff and external IT support systems.

•Provide EMR and general computer related support to staff.

•Comply with CCIH’s Corporate Compliance program.

•Determine changes in EMR by studying program, FQHC and grant requirements and act as liaison between agency staff and external IT support systems.

•All other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Skills

•Experience in behavioral health or healthcare environments

•Experience with FQHC reporting requirements, HEDIS Measures and Meaningful Use core, menu, and clinical quality measures

•Excellent data management skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

•Ability to organize and prioritize work

•Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting

Education / Experience

•Bachelors Degree; MS preferred.

Credentialing / licensure

•Five years of relevant experience, proficiency in SQL reporting and analysis services, MS Excel, and MS Access

SUBMIT RESUMES TO: T. Conte Human Resources

Central City Integrated Health
17950 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48203

FAX NUMBER: (313) 733-1300

FLSA: Exempt